Just Another Game of Tetris Or A Misinterpretation of Women

At first this picture may look like just another game of tetris but take a deeper look at it and you may find what seems to be a very wrong looking ad for Axe.  Axe is a brand of male grooming products that is owned by the British company Unilever.  Over the years Axe has used many ads and commercials to target young men to get them to buy their products but lately it seems like these ads may be targeting more than just men.

This tetris picture is one of the many ads Axe has used that portrays how women behave around a man who has used some sort of Axe product. Ultimately, the same behavior is used in every one of the company’s ads-women running and chasing (sometimes in bikinis) after men and pretty much doing everything they can to get to this one man. This is exactly what is being portrayed in this tetris ad and is what has led to some controversy over what the ad is really trying to say.  Is it just another ad selling a product or is it a misinterpretation of women?

This tetris ad does not represent women as nearly as bad as I have seen other Axe ads do but it can still portray the same message about women and their behavior in a negative way. You can look at this ad and take from it the idea that women are ravenous when it comes to men.  That they don’t care who they have to compete with, fight with, manipulate, or get around to get their man. It’s even easy to say that this ad portrays women as worthless objects.

However, you could also see this ad and take from it a completely different message, one that has nothing to do with portraying women in a bad way.  Many  people view this ad simply just like they would view any other ad that is trying to see a product.  They want to sell their product and make money so they use whatever they can to make the axe appealing to young men.  What they have found to attract young men is well, of course young women.  It’s obvious that men like women so it makes sense to create a portrait of a tetris game depicting many women falling for one man.  It can be a rather clever ad that not only appeals to men but to people who love to play tetris (especially to men who love to play tetris). 

As I see it, this ad does not portray women in a bad or negative way. I actually see it as an ad that portrays both men and women in funky, funny way but neither one in a degrading way.  Using a tetris game as a symbol for a relationship between a man and women is really clever. They used a well-known childish game with bright colors which makes the ad all the more comical and interesting.  I could easily see the ad as a horrible portrayal of women but I don’t let it.  I see the ad for what it is-a funny, clever, and very creative attempt to get people to buy Axe.

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2 Responses to Just Another Game of Tetris Or A Misinterpretation of Women

  1. Hi Krista,

    I agree! I like this ad too (but then again I love tetris!) It’s quite clever. What I like about this one is it uses symbols instead of people, similar messae without making women in skimpy bikinis run through forests like that commercial did. Yikes to that! Yay to this!


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